Update 9-30-2020:
We have postponed classes for all the kids except Confrimation until October 7th.  We are not going to have any inperson classes.  We are working on making videos for the Pre-K thru 4th graders. The teachers are having fun making those.  We will have GoToMeetings for classes for the 5-7th graders.  

Update 7-30-2020:

So many changes this year! With COVID everything has changed rapidly and we, along with everyone else, are trying to adapt our ways to teach too. Our #1 focus is still GOD. Our #2 focus is on SAFETY and our #3 is to make it FUN.
We are still in the planning stages of what the Children & Youth Programs are going to look like.  We are following the school districts lead on how we will teach all of our kids. Whether it be modified in person classes or a virtual experience, we will have learning experiences for all!